Client results


Michelle immediately put me at ease, led me through a series of exercises and sessions that helped me address my own inner roadblocks, articulate my career aspirations within the larger context of my deepest values, and rediscover my life's true calling. I would wholeheartedly recommend Michelle's coaching service to anyone who seeks a caring guide to help them chart their life's journey.

- Senior Editor, Providence, RI

Michelle is a lovely and empowering person! She is great at getting you to see where you really want to be and in helping you realize that your fears are actually really not that scary. Self reflection feels like it should be something that you are able to do on your own, but it's really helpful to have someone else there to help you interpret yourself. 

- Tech Professional, Providence, RI

The space she has created has been most pleasant, comfortable, relaxing + motivating. Michelle is the most compassionate + caring coach you will meet. She is there with you, even if you can't find your own way.

- Business owner, Providence, RI

This personal work is hard to do on your own. Having a guide as insightful, supportive, and invested as Michelle has made all the difference.

- Social Worker, Providence, RI