Through coaching, I partner with ambitious change makers, helping them build their compassion and courage skills to amplify their leadership and define what’s next.

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We'll partner for a three-month individual coaching program that begins when you are ready to put in the work, take bold action and bring about meaningful change. This program provides you with the consistent reinforcement you'll need to anchor new ways of being. Throughout the process, you'll enjoy deep care and support and lots of compassionate attention.


  • 1, 90-minute opening session to clarify goals

  • 2 sessions per month, 45-minutes each

  • Secure messaging between sessions

  • Actionable, individualized “self work”

  • Individualized practices and resources

  • 1 closing session to clarify next steps

  • Beautiful, customized strategic plan for what’s next for you


$495 per month

3-Month minimum. We'll work together until the work feels complete to you.


How does it work?


We start with a free phone consult to explore if working together makes sense for you.

Dive into prep work. After scheduling your first session, I’ll send you a reflective exercise to get you ready and prepared for our first session.

We’ll meet for our opening session to clarify the goals for our work together

Then, we'll meet for two 45-minute sessions per month. We'll meet (in person or over secure video) for enlightening, in-depth conversations to help you explore issues you are navigating in a useful and insightful way. We'll debrief about your progress towards your goals and make adjustments as needed. You'll leave each session with strategic actions to focus on until we meet again.

Between sessions, we’ll stay in touch via secure messaging for accountability, to check on your progress, answer any questions you might have, and give you that extra encouragement to keep moving forward with your action steps. You’ll experience a deeply supportive experience all-throughout

Our closing session will help integrate learnings and clarify your next steps. You’ll walk away feeling strengthened, ready and excited to step into what’s next.


What are the benefits?



  • Slow down for in-depth, enlightening conversations

  • Amplify your capacity to tune into your body

  • Strengthen your self-compassion skills

  • Build your emotional resilience

  • Define your why, values, and strengths

  • Learn to ask new kinds of questions

  • Identify ways of being that are holding you back

  • Uncover what is possible for you

  • Design what's next for you

  • Be held accountable to take bold action toward living in a way that is meaningful to you

Coaching gives you the tools to lead from where you are, in your personal and professional lives. Coaching helps you organize your thinking about your most desired future. You’ll define goals and purposeful action plans that will enable you to strategically use your time and energy to bravely move toward your goals. Coaching is about purpose, vision, strategy and making things happen with heart.

Coaching can help when...

  • you are stepping into a new level of leadership

  • you want to bring your best self forward

  • you want to maximize your potential

  • you want to get clear on what's next for you

  • you're in the midst of life or work transition

  • you want to play bigger (in your own terms)



In the seven months since I first met Michelle, I have completely recalibrated what constitutes a successful career, targeted a new professional direction, and am now beginning to see the fruits of our labor together. Because of my work with Michelle, I now feel more fulfilled in my work and even in life, and fulfillment was the gaping hole in my heart when I first sought her out. 

- Senior Editor, Providence, RI