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C A R T A S (Spanish for letters)

My love affair with cartas started when I was 12 years old, the year I moved from Venezuela to the United States with my mother and sister.

This was before Skype and Whatsapp. So my communication with loved ones was suddenly reduced to those rare moments when two magical things aligned: one, we had one of those international phone cards with a code, and two, we got lucky enough to get a strong enough connection to actually get through.

Aside from these rare phone calls, cartas became a much more reliable medium for connection.

When I prepare these CARTAS, I think back to 12-year old me, excitedly opening a freshly received letter, for a few moments escaping into a space of deep connection and love. I write with the hopes that you too, might feel the love shared through the words.

You can read a sample CARTA here.